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Standing Order

To sign a contract:

FREE of charge

From every transaction made in accordance with the contract

FREE of charge


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Standing Order

A standing order is an instruction to make fixed amount of payments from your account, usually on a regular basis.

This service automatically transfers the desired amount to the reserved XacBank's account on a fixed time from your account, demand savings account, or debit card.


  • Save your time;
  • Make affordable transactions automatically;
  • Make a deposit to savings on fixed time.

Terms and Conditions:

To sign a contract
Free of charge
From every transaction made in accordance with the contract
Free of charge
Amendments and changes to the contract
Free of charge

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Saving account

What currencies can be used to open a savings account?


Хүүгээс хүү бодох арга, энгийн хүү бодох арга хоорондын ялгаа юу вэ?

Жишээ нь:

  1. Та 10,000,000 төгрөгийн хадгаламжтай бөгөөд жилийн 15%-ийн хүүг энгийн аргаар боддог бол жилийн эцэст 1,500,000 (сар бүр тогтмол 125,000) төгрөгийн хүү авч нийт 11,500,000 төгрөгтэй болно.
  2. Харин нийлмэл аргаар боддог бол эхний сард 1.25% (15%/12)-ийн хүү 125,000 төгрөг бодогдож үндсэн хадгаламж дээр нэмэгдэх бөгөөд 2 дахь сард 10,125,000 төгрөгөөс 1.25%-ийн хүү 126,563 төгрөг бодогдож өмнөх сарын хадгаламжийн үлдэгдэл болох 10,125,000 төгрөг дээр нэмэгдэн 10,251,563 төгрөг болно. Гэх мэтчилэн явсаар жилийн эцэст та 11,607,545 төгрөгтэй болно.

Дээрх жишээг харьцуулбал, нийлмэл аргаар бодсон хүү энгийн аргаар бодсон хүүгээс 107,545 төгрөгөөр илүү байна. Мөнгөний ийнхүү үржүүлэх хүчийг олон жилээр тооцвол хүүгийн өгөөж үлэмж өндөр болно. 

How can one make withdrawals if they are not able to come in person to the Bank?

When an account holder cannot come to the Bank in person due to reasonable excuses, he or she can make transactions through an authorized representative. In this case, Bank shall make transactions based on valid Power of Attorney that meets requirements specified in the Civil Code, ID card /passport/ or other equivalent documents of the authorized representative (only once within certain limits).

An account holder residing in a foreign country may send a request with official signature and a copy of passport notarized by Mongolian Consul appointed to the country (Consuls usually act as a Public Notary) via facsimile or e-mail. Based on the request the money shall be given out or transferred to the account of the authorized representative.

How to check account balance and revenue transactions?

Through XacBank’s channels you can check your balance. 

  • XacInfo
  • Mobile bank 2.0
  • Internet banking
  • ATM

Is it possible to jointly own an account?

Upon the relevant official request with joint owners’ full name, Identification Card, registration number and signature you will be able to jointly own an account. Savings account can have up to 5 joint owners

Can I deposit into my savings account without coming to the Bank?

Yes, you can. You can subscribe for Standing Order Service and make deposits to your savings account automatically from your salary account or other accounts. You can also use internet-banking service at XacBank.

How can I extend my savings term?

When first signing a savings account contract, an automatic extension adjustment can be made. If no such adjustment is made, the savings contract will be extended through an extension contract in Branches which you will have to make in person. If the holder cannot come in person, he or she may make a request to extend the contract through an authorized representative.

Can I receive deposit-backed loan? Which branch office should I address for the service?

Yes, you can. We offer the loan at the rate of 6.6% plus your savings interest rate. You can receive the loan from any Branch of XacBank. You are eligible for a loan up to 90% of total amount of your term deposit.

What if the term deposit is terminated before the end of the term?

If the term deposit is terminated before the end of the contract period, the annual 2.4% interest rate shall be calculated for the period of the savings account by simple interest basis. You can also receive a deposit-backed loan instead of termination of the saving and keeping the accumulated interest and your savings accounts.

How to check account balance and revenue transactions?

Please inform the Bank immediately. In order to receive a new savings book, you have to bring your ID card to the Branch Office, where you first opened your savings account, and make a request.

What if the deposit holder is deceased?

In case of an account holder’s death, the savings will be assigned to or new contract will be signed with the beneficiary based on the Inheritance Letter, beneficiary’s ID card or equivalent documents (such as but not limited to foreign passport, ID card).

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