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Safety deposit box

Safety deposit box

We will protect your irreplaceable valuables, documentation, cash and other items truly safe.


  • Reliability and security for your valuables;
  • Only you are aware of the items in the box;
  • Armored with double walls and fully complies the safety;
  • All complex is monitored by 24-hour signaling and security system;
  • Open access to the box as frequently as you wish during business hours;
  • As your request, tenancy of the box is as long as you want;
  • The box can either be shared or entrusted.

Commission and fee:

Fee type
Monthly fee /MNT/
Extend contract
Box type
Small box
Medium box
Big box
Large box
Key replacement

Required documents:

  • ID card for person.

For legal entity

  • Copy of State Registration Certificate;
  • Copy of charter of the company;
  • Copy of ID card or passport of authorized person acting on behalf of the legal entity.


Prohibited items for safety deposit box includes the items that are easily spoiled, explosives, chemicals harmful for the environment, flammable and volatile items, weapons and firearms.

For more information, please contact our customer service hotline 1800-1888.