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Business card

By using our International Business Card, your organization will be able to simplify international payments and control costs.


  • Quickly and easily make local and international transactions through Internet banking or Mobile banking;
  • Separation of business and private costs; full control of cash flow;
  • Permanent control over card spending through Internet banking;
  • Credit line or overdraft option;
  • Payments and settlements of costs related to hosting guests at your organization;
  • Service through wide range of local merchants;
  • Payments at merchants, online payments for services;
  • Our international payment card comes equipped with an embedded microchip for an international standard level of security, you can safely and reliably make your payments.

Terms and conditions:

Enrollment fee
Annual fee
20,000 MNT
Minimum balance required
Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit
20,000,000 MNT
Maximum daily purchase limit (POS transaction)
20,000,000 MNT
Card replacement fee
20,000 MNT
PIN code recovery fee
10,000 MNT
PIN code change fee /ATM/
100 MNT

Required documents:

  • Business card cooperation agreement /Bank official form/;
  • Information of entrusted employee card holder /Bank official form/;
  • Card request application /Bank official form/;
  • Card holder personal ID card.