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Mobile banking service – USSD based

daily transaction limit

5 million MNT


Frequently asked question

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Mobile banking service – USSD based

USSD based mobile banking service enables you to perform basic banking requests anywhere, anytime without the need of Internet connection. All you need to do is to dial *1888#.

Service features

  • Check the balance of any of your account;
  • Make an interbank transfer;
  • Transfer funds to any account within XacBank;
  • Get a deposit backed loan;
  • Loan repayment balance;
  • Pay your loan;
  • Change pin code;
  • Mobile operators- Mobicom;
    • Purchase Top-Up card;
    • Check and pay your mobile phone bill;
    • Check and pay Mobinet bill;
  • Unitel;
    • Purchase Top-Up card;
    • Check and pay your mobile phone bill;
    • Check and pay Univision bill;
  • Skytel;
    • Purchase Top-Up card;
    • Pay your monthly mobile phone bill;


  • To able to transfer money between banks;
  • All handset users are able to use;
  • No need to install any specific application;
  • No need to be connected with the Internet;
  • No sign up or annual fee.

Terms and conditions

Service type
Registration fee
Annual fee
Fund transfer within XacBank
MNT 100
Interbank transfer
MNT 300
Daily transaction limit
MNT 5,000,000

How to register for service

Please visit nearest XacBank branch with your civil ID or call XacBank Contact Center 1800-1888.

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Mobile Bank 2.0

What is the difference between Mobile Banking 2.0 vs internet banking via phone (Xacbank app)?

The main feature of Mobile Banking 2.0 is that the service does not require internet connection, and can use your phone network to complete transactions such as intra & interbank transfers, loan payment and phone bill payment. In other words, the service does not require a smartphone or internet connection, and is available for users with 2G network.

Can you do transactions between banks using Mobile Banking?

You CAN TRANSFER money BETWEEN BANKS using XacBank Mobile Banking service.

Transfer within Xacbank - 100MNT,

Interbank transfers - 300MNT.

How to a renew my PIN code, if forgot?

  • You can renew your PIN code visiting the nearest branch with your identification document.
  • Call 1800-1888 from your registered phone number, and make request to renew your PIN code.

How to unlock my PIN code?

After 5 wrong tries your Mobile Bank account will be locked. In order to unlock your account you have to visit the nearest branch or call 1800-1888 from registered phone number and request for new PIN code. Than dial *1888# number and enter new PIN code

Can I use Mobile Bank 2.0 while in abroad?

Yes. You can use Mobile Bank 2.0 service enabling message roaming service. 

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