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Temuulel card

Annual fee

5,000 MNT

Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit

250,000 MNT

Maximum daily purchase limit (POS)

1,000,000 MNT


Frequently asked question

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Temuulel card

A stylish payment card for teenagers. Temuulel card will allow you to use for your daily payments independently and manage your financial needs.


  • Manage account independently,
  • Make payments both domestically and internationally without complications;
  • No minimum balance is required;
  • Make payments and settlements using internet bank and ATM.

Terms and conditions:

Fees and charges
Annual fee
MNT 5,000
Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit
MNT 250,000
Maximum daily purchase limit (POS)
MNT 1,000,000
Card replacement fee
MNT 3,000
PIN code recovery fee at branch
MNT 1,000
PIN code change at ATM
Cash withdrawal
In abroad /АТМ, POS/
1.5% or equal to MNT 3000
At XacBank branch /USD, CNY/
At XacBank branch /MNT/
MNT 200
Balance inquire on an ATM
XacBank ATM
Other domestic banks' ATMMNT 100
Abroad bank ATM
MNT 1000 or equal currency

Required documents:

  • Children's birth certificate and ID card of parents;
  • Passport and Certificate for alien registration for foreigners.

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What to do when lost/stolen you card?

Please call the Customer Service Center at 1800-1888. The card will be temporarily closed, you will have to open the card and request the card at the nearest XacBank branch and settlement center if you find your card
If you want to order a new card, please go to your branch to order a new card.
Lost/stolen card is not reported to bank immediately, any unrecognized transactions would be cardholder's responsobility.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot or blocked PIN code of your payment card, you can use our digital bank and select PIN change function from the card menu, to renew your PIN code. If you are not registered in our digital bank, please click HERE to register. 

Click HERE to see video tutorial of changing PIN code. 

how to make online purchase?

Please get an E-pin code from XacBank ATM (without charge). 

When you do online purchase provide with below card details:

  • 16-digit number on the front of card;     
  • Card expiration date;     
  • E-pin code from ATM;     
  • CVV2 code at the back of the card.

How much money can I withdraw from ATM?

One-time bills for ATMs in Mongolia are limited to 40.

But internationally, one-time transaction limit is different for depends on banks.

How much is the daily transaction limit?

The daily transaction limit for each card is different.

Card type

Maximum cash spending per day

Maximum purchase transaction

VISA FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 themed official card
10,000,000 MNT
10,000,000 MNT

₮ and UnionPay dual brand card

5,000,000 MNT

5,000,000 MNT

VISA card

5,000,000 MNT

5,000,000 MNT

Platinum card (Visa, UPI)

20,000,000 MNT

20,000,000 MNT

Temuulel card

250,000 MNT

1,000,000 MNT

Credit card

30% of credit card limit

Credit card limit

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