Our vision

To bring world class financial services to Mongolia.


Our mission

Being a lifelong partner for our customers in providing value added financial solutions embracing the highest standards of triple bottom line mission: People, Planet, and Profit.


Our core values

Our core values describe how we should act in order to accomplish the tasks leading to achieving our vision and mission. They create desired culture, as they are the principles that guide the behaviors of all employee.

  • Inclusive
  • Innovative
  • Socially Responsible
  • Customer Centric
  • Energetic
  • Professional


Since its founding in 2001, XacBank has created sustainable growth in the banking and financial sector of Mongolia, continuously expanding operations, and has become one of the largest systemic banks. XacBank’s vision is to become a preferred bank for a wide range of customers in the financial market providing financial solutions in the most convenient way being dedicated to its values of People, Planet and Profit and continuing to set high standards in corporate governance and social responsibility.

The Bank has 96 branches, units and business service centers throughout the nation, 1,700 specialized personnel, more than 1,800 merchants and EASY Mobile bank agents who swiftly service more than 700 thousand customers with complex financial services using latest state-of-art technology.


  • An undisputed leader in corporate social responsibility and good corporate governance in Mongolia;
  • Leading bank in terms of long-standing quality of loan portfolio;
  • Leader in corporate governance, transparency and risk management;
  • The first carbon trading “Green Bank” in the northern hemisphere;
  • Implementor of international best practices, community projects and advanced technologies in banking;
  • Fastest growing local bank with full national coverage;
  • Partner with over 50 international organizations;
  • Provider of responsive, complete and flexible business banking solutions.


  • Bank of the Year /2013/ – The Banker Magazine;
  • Best Retail Bank of Mongolia /2013/ – Global Banking and Finance Review Awards;
  • Best Emerging Markets Bank /2014/ - Global Finance Magazine;
  • Best Corporate Governance /2014/ - Capital Finance International magazine;
  • 5th European Microfinance Award on Microfinance and the Environment;
  • Best SME Bank of Mongolia /2014/ - Global Banking and Finance Review awards;
  • The Best Partner in Fragile Countries /2014/ - Global Trade Partners Meeting /IFC/.


XacBank is special and differs from other commercial banks for its constant service for socio-economic development of Mongolia and for its cherishment of the Planet, People and Profit. The Bank is a leader in terms of social responsibility not only in Mongolia but in the world as well.

Planet Rating (, an independent rating agency has granted XacBank the grade “4” which is the highest grade given by Planet Rating to an institution in Asia for a Social Performance rating. This means that the institution has excellent practices, and is likely to achieve a positive social impact. At the international level, XacBank ranks in the top 15 MFIs out of the 160 Social Performance ratings performed so far by our agency.

Realizing its social responsibility in order to promote Mongolian cultural annual heritage, providing knowledge to children and adolescents, environmental protection and recreation as well as art and culture promotion XacBank organizes and sponsors the following annual activities.

  • “Temuulel”, “Aflatoun” - Financial education training was provided for 38,000 children;
  • The Bank staff volunteered to establish and finance from their salaries and wages X.A.C NGO. X.A.C NGO engaged in environmental and children welfare activities. XAC NGO has 1,536 members;
  • Aiding in Children’s Welfare - XacBank staff gardened and camp crafted the children's dormitory yard of the School No 29;
  • For People with Disabilities - XacBank cooperates with the Labor and Training Center for People with visual disabilities;
  • Culture and Art - We support projects organised by the Mongolian Art Council every year;
  • Environment - XacBank is committed to support businesses that are environmentally friendly and environmentally responsible;
  • Environment - Between 2009-2014 XacBank has distributed over 162,676 energy efficient products, resulting in total reduction of over 700,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. In 2009, with the purchase of emission reductions by MicroEnergy Credits, XacBank became the first institution to receive carbon revenues. Overall savings on fuel exceed USD 39.6 million per year;
  • Xac Meadow – Altogether 27 Xac Meadow among 32,000 trees and bushes was created and planted between 2009-2014. Average survival rate of the planted trees is 80%;
  • Well being program - We have organized snow days, hiking and walking tours, and five types of XacCup sports competitions among our employees in order to facilitate behavioral changes towards healthy and active lifestyles.